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Investing in Sustainable Agriculture

Standardize the way we grow, Increasing Yield by Artificial Intelligence, High ROI by experienced investment team

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High Value Farmland

Investment focus on high value farmlands. The Farmlands are locating all around the world. We use A.I. platform with IOT devices to analyze the farmlands' growing ability.
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Space A.I. Farming

Space A.I. Farming (S.A.I.F.) program standardize plants growing with pateted technology on earth and space.
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Sustainable First

AI Farming technology team protecting the world by growing with green energy and increasing yield. Over 90% of our farmlands are managed by A.I. platform and IOT devices.

Capital Raise for the future agricultural business

We are the innovators in agricultural and aerospace business

Distinctive Lychee
 Raised Amount
11.7% IRR 
 Estimated Return
A.I. Growing Machine
 Raised Amount
28.1% IRR 
 Estimated Return
Marula Oil
 Raised Amount
18.9% IRR 
 Estimated Return
5+ Years Durian Farmland
 Raised Amount
10.8% IRR 
 Estimated Return
Hydroponic Green House
 Raised Amount
15.0% IRR 
 Estimated Return
15+ Years Lychee Trees
 Raised Amount
12.3% IRR 
 Estimated Return

Step 1 - Review Investment Program

Our farm manager will explain full program detail with you. Select your preferred option.

Step 2 - KYC and Sign Contract

Complete “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) verification procedure and sign contract online or offline.

Step 3 - Receive your fund

Receive your fund and your profit straight into your bank account or digital wallet.

Investor FAQ

Q1. What is A.I. Farming Technology managed farmland and Space farming?

We managed 100000+ acres framing projects and received major awards which endorsed by local government. AI Farming Technology Limited Research and Development team are building new standard for growing food with A.I. everyday. Our patented IOT Device and A.I. algorithm turning data into action with a higher farming standard, and make it sustainable for the earth and prepared for space farming.

AI Farming Technology Limited developed six modules to support the sustainable development and investoment from now to the future. For more informatin about the six modules, please click here.

Q2. What makes AI Farming Technology different from others?

Our mission is to solve food shortage issue before 2050. All of our managed farmlands has IOT devices and A.I. platform to measure growing performance. The AI Farming Technology team also applying new invention for space farming. We standardize the growing method on earth with specific data model for A.I. and A.I. operates IOT device for farming actions in most of our managed farmlands.

We believe human on earth will migrate to different planets and crops growing should not be limited on earth, as a result optimized crops able to grow in other planets and ship back to earth.

Q3. What services does AI Farming Technology Limited provide?

Through tailored farming portfolio management, we help high net worth individuals and companies around the world reach their long-term financial goals. You will benefit from a comprehensive farming plan helping you confidently spend and invest. Communication and service are tailored to your needs.

Q4. Who makes the firm’s investment decisions?

Our Investment Committee makes all strategic investment decisions for our clients. The Investment Committee has over 100 years of combined investing experience. We are supported by our large research department, which includes advanced technology, capital markets, macroeconomics, securities and quantitative analysts.

Q5. What is the minimum to become a client?

Starter Private Client Group focuses on small scale project individuals with investable assets of $10,000 to $100,000 USD.

Mega Private Client Group focuses on high net worth individuals with investable assets of $1,000,000 USD or more. When we started the Mega Private Client Group, we saw an opportunity to help an underserved market with different needs than other investors. We’re dedicated to serving clients who have worked hard throughout their lives with investing advice, tailored solutions and ongoing support.

Q6. How does AI Farming Technology protect client accounts?

We take your security and privacy seriously and have implemented numerous layers of security measures for you.

If your investor relationship manager receives an abnormal request, he or she will put it on hold until he or she can obtain confirmation from you. In addition, employees are supported by comprehensive data management systems and security policies to protect client data from external and internal threats.

We never share or sell your name for marketing purposes.

Q7. Who owns AI Farming Technology?

We are privately held, which helps us serve our clients and act in their best interests without obligation to private equity backers or other investors.

Q8. Where is AI Farming Technology Limited incorporated?

AI Farming Technology Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong with Sales office in China.

Q9. How do I become a client?

You can become a client by contacting investor relationship manager at [email protected] or calling us today at (852) 6954-4139. We would be happy to speak with you and discuss your goals. We will guide you through every step of becoming a new client. Our hands-on approach respects your time, keeps you informed and reduces the amount of paperwork you need to fill out.

Q10. My question wasn’t answered. How can I ask it?

Please call us at (852) 6954-4139 or email us at [email protected] We are happy to answer questions over the phone and look forward to helping you.
You can also learn more about AI Farming Technology by clicking here.
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Assets Under Management

We deliver certified farmlands

By understanding the unique objectives of investors and growers, we are able to identify opportunities for high ROI investments.

- A.I. platform and IOT action
- Reusable Energy for Sustainable Environment
- 24 Hours CO2 and Toxic gas detection
- Link up local and overseas markets for product distribution

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IOT Devices Monitoring Farmlands

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Standardized Plants

Investor Contact

Investor Relations

[email protected]

Phone Number

+852 6954-4139

Location Address

Room 4A16, Block A, Tian'an Chuangxin Tech-Square, Futian District, Shenzhen

Office Hour

9:30am - 6:30pm

International Awards and News

Congrats on EBZ and AI Farming Team winning Hong Kong ICT Award,
Patented A.I., 5G and IOT Farming Technology

AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam

Congrats on EBZ and AI Farming Team winning Starthub HKTDC HSBC Competition,
1st Runner up, A.I. Farming platform for high value fruits and plants

AI Farming EBZ Starthub 1
farm iot 5g stathk hsbc
AI Farming EBZ Starthub 3